Protecting your business from rising commercial energy costs is vital, My Energy Consultants does it for you. Our business energy procurement service will find you the gas and electricity supply you need, and on the terms most favourable to your business.

Forget about researching countless business utility suppliers, comparing complex tariffs, form-filling and calling sales reps – all of that hassle.  My Energy Consultants takes care of it all.  Officially regulated by the UIA, the Utilities Intermediaries Association, we negotiate for you, securing the best quotes and a deal that’s right.

Our independent, whole-of-market corporate energy procurement service leaves nothing to chance, it comprises:

  • In-depth analysis of your energy usage, contracts and metering
  • Comparison of quotes from the best-fit commercial energy suppliers
  • Thorough assessment of inclusive charges and taxes
  • Proactive negotiation on energy contract tariff and terms
  • Terminating existing contracts, transfer of energy supply

For business energy procurement, get in touch with My Energy Consultants.  Call 0203 488 3000 or email