The importance of a reliable energy partner for Fresh Produce Growers

Your fresh produce organisation is growing food in a controlled environment – which means that one of your largest expenditures is energy. You cannot afford to be wasteful with energy – and you must ensure that you only pay what you should.

For some fresh produce growers, this is a daunting task. Fortunately, an energy partner like My Energy Consultants can take care of much of this for you, so you can focus on what you do best… growing fresh produce!

Below, we have gone in-depth on why having a reliable energy partner is important for fresh produce growers.
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Managing the Climate Change Levy

The Climate Change Levy applies to businesses in the industrial, public services, commercial and agricultural sectors, and is charged on ‘taxable commodities’ for heating, lighting and power purposes.

The right energy partner can keep one eye on the climate change levy, and ensure you are eligible to access it, on your behalf. This can include anything from submitting returns to updating you with your consumption versus target levels.

For an industry so reliant on energy, and in which profit margins are so critical, your fresh produce firm must cut costs and access discounts wherever it can. My Energy Consultants will ensure that you:

  • Access accurate energy data and submit returns
  • Handle any audits by the Climate Change Agency
  • Help you to reduce your overall emissions
  • Access the financial benefits of the Climate Change Levy

Accessing the benefits of the climate change levy is not only financially beneficial, but provides Public Relations advantages, too.

Avoid unwanted costs with bill validation

In an increasingly-competitive business environment, it is absolutely essential that your fresh produce company cuts costs. Energy is not cheap – and you therefore need to limit your expenditure, wherever possible.

Did you know that 1 in 5 business energy bills include errors?

Your business wants to spot mistakes in its energy bills – but this is often easier said than done. Utility invoices are often complex, and identifying errors is challenging and takes time.

Common reasons for mistakes in your energy bills include:

  • Incorrect application of tariffs
  • Estimated meter readings
  • Faulty meters


Your organisation can contact My Energy Consultants if you are looking for a complete bill validation service. We will carefully scrutinise all current business gas and electricity invoices and make sure that you are only paying what you should.

We will spot any errors before they impact your business.

Your company will be working with an energy partner that checks your commercial energy bills against more than 120 energy bill variables, with a human interface.

And it doesn’t matter who the suppliers are or what kind of contract you have – you can rest assured that we will handle all of your bill validation.

My Energy Consultants - energy for fresh produce growers

Concentrate on your areas of expertise

For fresh produce growers in the UK, there are dozens of factors which determine the level of success. My Energy Consultants can handle all your energy requirements – so you can focus on your areas of expertise, which might include:

  • Ensuring high quality produce
  • Guaranteeing a flexible supply chain
  • Monitoring cost per batch
  • Cutting costs and adding value

You get more time to concentrate on all these things, by using an energy partner for all your energy needs. That’s where My Energy Consultants can help.

Access energy experts with years of fresh produce experience

When your organisation brings in My Energy Consultants, you will be getting support from a business with many years of experience handling energy requirements for fresh produce growers.

You can contact us any time, day or night. As your energy partner, we stand alongside you as your costs are managed, and you can now access the Climate Change Levy discounts.

You will also receive much-needed reminders to pay bills when required, take your energy reading every month, and submit a return.

To manage the energy consumption of your fresh produce grower business, get in touch with My Energy Consultants. Call 0203 488 3000 or email