Rising utility prices and energy legislation to combat climate change demand effective energy management. Businesses have to be more concerned with how much energy they’re using, than the unit cost of the energy they use.

Increasing business energy efficiency requires utility metering, monitoring and targeting (MM&T) to accurately measure and analyse energy usage.  And My Energy Consultants provides the energy management technology you need to get your business using energy smarter – reducing wastage and making energy savings.

Using low cost wireless hardware, meaningful energy data is gathered in real-time throughout your business:  temperature and lighting levels, humidity and CO2 and occupancy levels for example.  This is used to more closely monitor environmental conditions and energy consumption.

Know how gas and electricity is being used, by day, by night, by area.  Validate the usage and cross-check it with billing data.  Highlight any variance, configure alarms, alerts and sophisticated management reports.  Add controllers, time-based, temperature and occupancy driven.  Reduce energy wastage and make savings.  Monitor it all through a single real-time software portal.

And what’s more, the business energy management solution we propose is fully compatible with your existing BeMS and HVAC systems.  Installation is simple and the disruption to your business negligible.  We provide a complete end-to-end solution.

For business energy management, get in touch with My Energy Consultants.  Call 0203 488 3000 or email info@myenergyconsultants.co.uk