Errors in business utility bills are unfortunately very common, they can be rather costly too. So My Energy Consultants provides its customers with a cost recovery audit service that spots any historical overcharging and gets you the refunds that are rightly yours.

Typically examining your last 6 years worth of gas and electricity billing data, our cost recovery audit uncovers any anomalies by referencing your invoices against more than 120 bill variables. We’ll calculate the resulting overpayments, make the claims and recoup the money on your behalf.

And it doesn’t matter either whether the overpayment lies with your existing supplier, a previous supplier or an energy broker.If your business has been paying too much for its energy due to their mistakes, My Energy Consultants will get you the refund you’re entitled too.

For business energy cost recovery audits, get in touch with My Energy Consultants.  Call 0203 488 3000 or email