‘The Milk Conundrum’ – Is your business paying attention?

Everyone is familiar with a trip to their local supermarket. Grabbing the trolley at the beginning of your trip; throwing in the vegetables and fruit; spotting a bargain in the ‘Reduced to Clear’ section and adding that on top… for some, this can be a very enjoyable experience.

Lots of people go to the same supermarket, every week, and always buy the same things. This is because the prices don’t change very dramatically – so you know what you are getting for your money, every single time.

But what would you do if the prices kept changing? What if milk was £0.99 one day – then £2.50 the next – and then £1.65 the day after that?

Price fluctuations like this would throw you off… and you would soon be asking for help.

My Energy Consultants - help with price fluctuation

That’s what it’s like for Businesses!
This scenario may seem unfamiliar for you… but it isn’t unfamiliar for your business.

Energy prices are hiking up – and then falling back down – every single day. You almost never know whether the price will be higher or lower than the day before. It’s a conundrum for all businesses!

In ‘The Milk Conundrum’ mentioned earlier – what would you do? Would you keep buying the milk no matter the price, or would you ask for help from a milk expert – someone who can perhaps point you in the right direction?

My Energy Consultants are helping businesses to deal with these fluctuating prices.
We can’t control the energy market as a whole – but we can limit the damage it has on your business. Our experts access live figures on the energy market at all times, so we can identify what, when and how to buy your energy.

Don’t become a victim of ‘The Milk Conundrum’ – speak to My Energy Consultants today!
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